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August Update

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Since we returned from our trip out west on Sunday, July 18th, we have taken two more local trips this summer. First, on July 22nd we left for Taylorville to attend the 86th annual Waterman/Hancock family reunion at the Christian County Extension Center. Julie and I were the Presidents and responsible for organizing the 85th (2010) and 86th (2011) reunion. Next year, we will hand the reigns over to Chris and Mandy Waterman. After the reunion, we went and hung out with MaMa for a few hours and got some great photos of the her with the boys, Grandma, Aunt Kristi, and Madelyn.

On Sunday, July 24th, we travelled to St. Louis to spend the day with Kenny, Sharon, Makenna and Maley Gibbs. After visiting the local waterpark on Sunday, we went back to the Gibbs', barbequed, and set up a movie for the kids to watch.

Some photos of our trip to Taylorville and St. Louis are posted below and more are in the photos section!

Brian, Kenny, and Maley

Brian, Kenny, and Maley

Mom and MaMa with (great) grandchildren

Mom and MaMa with (great) grandchildren

86th Waterman Reunion

86th Waterman Reunion

Digging for candy at the Waterman reunion

Digging for candy at the Waterman reunion



Aunt Kristi and Andrew

Aunt Kristi and Andrew

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Sunday Update

sunny 95 °F

Well, we made it home!

On Saturday, after waking up, we drove to the visitor center in the Badlands and spent some time learning about the history. Because of the dry air, rocky terrain, and the apparent lack of anything living in this area, the Native Americans called this "bad land", hence the name. And, after being there on Friday and Saturday in the middle of 95-100 degree heat with no shade, well, lets just say, the Indians knew what they were talking about. But, it is beautiful!

After leaving the Badlands, we drove for a few hours to Mitchell, SD to see the world's only Corn Palace. Located in the middle of the downtown area, the palace is a building with various murals that are constructed of corn, both inside and outside. During the winter the palace is the home basketball court of the Mitchell HS Kernels, as well as Dakota Wesleyan. During the summer, it is a big tourist attraction and the palace is full of shops and vendors selling trinkets, t-shirts, and food. The money that is raised all summer is used to construct new murals on the outside for the following year. A committee meets each winter to decide the theme for the following year, and construction begins. On the inside, however, the murals only change every 10-12 years, just because the corn starts to look bad. Interesting, to say the least.

After leaving Mitchell, SD at 3ish, we finally hit Minnesota at 5pm, Wisconsin at 10pm, Illinois at 1am, and Downers Grove at 2:30am. Yes, Saturday and early Sunday consisted of about 17.5 hours in the RV. We were definitely ready to be home!

I posted some of our favorite pictures in the photo gallery. Over on the right side of this page, there is a "Photography" link. Just click on the "more photos" under the picture.

The boys, Julie, and I had a great time and are already looking forward to our next excursion!

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Wall Drug

sunny 95 °F

You can't drive through South Dakota and not stop at Wall Drug.


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Bear Country

sunny 91 °F

This was one of the bears we saw in bear country. We also saw elk, wolves, and mt goats. Bear Country is located between Rapid City and Mount Rushmore and is basically a 2-mile drive-thru zoo. The kids really liked seeing the bears and other animals up close!


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Our final stop...

sunny 95 °F

Badlands NP


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The Badlands

sunny 90 °F

Badlands National Park, SD


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Bouncing Bertha...

sunny 95 °F

... as named by the boys!


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Corn Palace

sunny 95 °F

This is the corn palace, where the Mitchell, SD high school hoops team plays. They r the mitchell kernels and their mascot is Cornelius!

The murals that are above and beside the blue curtain are made of corn stalks. These murals are all over the outside of the building, as well. Read my Sunday update from 7/17 for more info on the corn palace.


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Entering the Badlands...

sunny 95 °F

...on Friday afternoon. It is HOT!


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Cowgirl riding the...

sunny 95 °F

...the Jackalope!


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A Black Bear...

sunny 90 °F

...in Bear Country, USA in Keystone, SD.


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Wall Drug

sunny 94 °F

Time for a pit stop at Wall Drug. On I-90, east of Rapid City, SD, there is a Wall Drug billboard every 1/4 mile for 50 miles. I'm not making this up.


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Friday Update

sunny 97 °F

Today was the first day that felt like summer on our trip. We have been fortunate to have warm days and cool, crisp evenings all week, but today was HOT! We had a lazy morning, slept in, and let the boys play on the big jumpy pillow at the campground. After leaving at 1100, we stopped at Bear Country, which although expensive, was pretty cool to see elk, bison, wolves, mountain goats, mule deer, and, of course, bears, It was sort of like a drive thru zoo. We then made the 1.5 hour drive to Wall Drug and shopped and took some pics before heading south to the badlands. The badlands are stunning. I wish I could post some pics, but we have no cell signal, so we will post some tomorrow when we do. Great views and scenery, but it wad hot and felt like the desert every time we got out of the car. We made a couple of scenic overlook stops, as well as stopping at a pass that was great for fossil viewing. Justin especially had a good time with that. We finally made it to the new campsite around 600. Some pool time, homemade pizzas and s'mores over the fire, and it's bedtime!

Tomorrows plan is to head east, maybe stop at the Corn Palace (have no idea what that is, but it's on julies to do list, so we will go!), anid see how far we get.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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The big jumpy thing...

sunny 87 °F

Justins got some air! The boys loved this jumpy thing. Mom and Dad got a little exercise on it too!! The day we left the campground, we let them jump a little in the morning and it was a HOT morning. Andrew turned to me (and all the other parents standing around) and said, "Whew, I'm sweaty like a hot lady!". Where does he learn this stuff????


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Some mean cowboys.....

sunny 85 °F

...and one pretty lady!

Taken at the Old Thyme Photo shop in Custer, SD.


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